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Best At-Home Hair Coloring Products with High-End Results

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There’s nothing like going to the hair salon and being pampered. However, it can end up costing over a hundred dollars, and sometimes we need that money for other things. If you read our last article on at home hair coloring, you’re now ready to explore your options. We composed a list of at home hair color products, based on consumer reviews. If the results you achieve are anything like the reviews describe, you’ll have healthy hair with vibrant and long-lasting hair color in no time.

Wella Color Charm

Wella Color Charm is a permanent haircolor known for its excellent gray coverage. It offers vibrant, long-lasting, fade resistant results. It’s recommended that you use a 20 volume developer to get optimal results. Whether you are looking to go blonde, brunette, or red, you can trust Wella to get the results you want. If you’re looking to go from brunette to blonde, it can be tricky as the hair can turn an orange tone. When applied correctly, Wella is able to create a beautiful, golden blonde. Since this product is ammonia-free, your hair and scalp are safe from any damage. Not to mention, it’s very affordable.

L’Oreal Dia Richesse

L’Oreal Dia Richesse is a demi-permanent hair color that is ammonia free. It creates rich, deep reflects that enhance your natural tones and leave the hair exceptionally soft. Since it’s a demi-permanent hair color, you can bounce from one color to another without compromising the health of your hair. For those of you with white hair, it’s known to offer 70% white hair coverage. In addition to Dia Richesse, L'Oreal Dia Light is a mix between color and gloss. This product is very desirable because of its ability to achieve vibrant color with high shine and long-lasting results.

Matrix Logics Color Creme

This line offers a pure tone permanent hair color. With perfectly balanced color, for high reflect, Matrix Logics Color Creme creates beautiful brunettes, perfect blondes, and vibrant reds. What makes this particular color line different is its tonal purity. It restores the health of your hair for more silky and shiny strands. As a benefit, the composition of this color is nourishing and preventative of damage to the hair.

Now that you have the knowledge to color correctly, and the products that will get you the results you want, happy coloring! Be sure to post a selfie of your at-home hair color on Instagram and tag us (@goodlookingdiscounts) in it!

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